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Miss Porsha: What Would Be Your Ultimate Dream Travel Destination?

do you really want to know where is it?i really love to travel somewhere cause i really love to explore and to know a lot a things in this worldand im also interested to learn a lot of languages :Di hope that someday i could travel and i love to tell story about what experiences that i try and the best things that i will never forget :Di would love to do story telling about what happened to my life ;)

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Cameron Moore: Long Boarding

So yesterday I went to my friend Jay's house and we decided to go long boarding. I've been skateboarding, so I kind of knew what to do. At first I was a bit scared, but then after riding it was a lot of fun! It makes me want to go out and buy a long board for myself. Skateboarding is fun, but long boarding has different possibilities. Had a blast!

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Rachel F: My Firstday As Performer

This day was exiting, make pictures, fill in everythingMy biography and lots of thing.Making pictures for here makes me real horney. I could'nt wait go broadcoast. I am so curios what's gonna happend. I love seks, whole day i am horney and wett. I am maried, but my husband is lot away from home so, i came here to enjoy myself en hopefully you. Realy, ik hope having lots of fun here. Tomorrow i wil go to store for new toys... i wanna have a big vibrator, and som new stockings. You know? When i am in the store, i gonna fantasise about that you are watching me. Would you? I would be nice to know that you wachting me while i looking for new toys in the shop. I will try them there.. i came whit me ? I am finding such a nice dildo, gigantic... hmmm my pussy is alreadu wett, i feel drip comming.. i like to try the dildo in my pussy.. you wanna see my darling? I love it yoy know? The man from the store ask me if i need help, O yeah ofcourse i do, pleace bring the dildo in my pussy and fuck me whit it... Tomorrow i tell you what happent after thatkiss from Rachel

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Brandy Bee: I Want a Sugardaddy

i have come to the conclusion that i really really want a sugar daddy. i want a man who can give me good dick but not only that but can support me and spoil me to new extremes without limits. a man who knows my taste and can give what i ask for as well as what i need. basically who can keep me just as satisfied as i keep them. so i have started doing my research n found this.1. Be Persistent on the Hunt.You'll have to sweet talk an army of frogs before you meet one you could imagine having sex with. I met Eli on, the most popular and direct sugar-dating service. With, guys bid for first dates; pocketing a couple Franklins for showing up never sucks. For a less seedy option, try searching OKCupid by salary. Determine your boundaries (I wasn't comfortable meeting men that were married or over 50, for example), then snap a few suggestive selfies. If your photos are too trashy, you'll be treated like a prostitute.When you find a potential match, pick a swank restaurant so you know he really has money. Your worst-case scenario now includes an epic meal. Ask lots of questions. Some guys expect further ego stroking, but I played the smart-but-free-spirited angle instead: more Holly Golightly than Holly Madison. "I just want to see the world and tell meaningful stories," I'd say wistfully. "Where do you want to travel first?" they'd respond on cue. Know your approach and stay consistent.2. Know Your Roles ... and Play With Others on the Side.These guys are good at making money, not having a girlfriend. So take advantage of that and just enjoy the exciting experiences (he's paying for) together -- be it on Broadway or in Bali. Unlike I did, avoid domesticity and limit dates to two or three nights a week. Not only is this more manageable, but your unavailability keeps him interested.The job description of a sugar baby, as we're called, is to be fun, happy, busy, sexy, and mysterious. Other feelings freak sugar daddies out -- so if you aren't happy or busy enough, embellish! Text him photos of stylish parties stolen from Instagram while you watch Girls and eat rice pudding alone, on your period. Keep your emotional needs in check via friends and lovers (but don't mention these "support networks" to your sugar daddy, especially when monogamy is assumed).3. Get the Bang for Your Buck (He Is).Ask him to spring for a personal trainer and regular spa days so you can look your best for him. Wait until he's in a good mood to shoot him a sext with a link to those Jimmy Choos (" ... and I'd wear only these"). Before any trip or party, explain that you don't own a stitch of appropriate clothing ("but this is a Michelin-starred tapas restaurant!"). Shopping may not be your sugar daddy's idea of a romantic date, so aim to engrave his plastic with your name.The appeal of a sugar daddy is obvious: fantastic meals, exotic vacations, a fierce wardrobe, and even rent money. But being a sugar baby isn't a sustainable lifestyle. It's an adventure. And as Hemingway -- the novelist -- once said, "it is the journey that matters, in the end."

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Dee Vaughn: First Day As a Cam Girl

What can I say...I'm a newbie to the adult industry. I primarily got into it because of the thrill i get by pleasing my clients. The sexual rush I get when Im in my corset and heels..may be a little more fulfilling than an erect cock slowly pushing its way to the back of my throat..Did I mention Im a deep throat queen...Never knew brown sugar could be so enticing huh? Well I wanted to share a little bit more about my first day and why I'd be back day after day...You know, some guy asked me to stick a cucumber in my I opted for it to massage my clit giving me the biggest orgasm I could imagine. Who would've thought that my special stranger would help me have the best climax that I've had all month... This is why I'll be back, and I hope that we can play when I return.

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